Reservations Procedure
Cubatrip allows you to make advance reservations for private accommodations for absolutely no charge. We answer your reservation on the day of receipt or one day after. Unfortunately communication with Havana can be trouble prone, and delays of up to a week (for us to communicate your reservation to Havana and to receive the confirmation) are not uncommon. Please do not worry, if you do not get a confirmation immediately. In order to allow us to keep the reservation process working reliably, we ask you to please notify us on any changes in your travel plans and to send us your changed travel schedule to by e-mail.

On receipt of your reservation we will send you a confirmation which states the address where you will be staying and reconfirms the dates of your reservation. All confirmed rooms are legally certified to accommodate tourists and have undergone Governmental inspection before being granted the license.

Print the confirmation and have it within reach when you pass immigrations, since they might want to see it. Certainly you will have to fill the address of your guest family, into the immigration arrival form (tourist card). If you are unable to present the customs officer with a valid address, you could be forced into making a hotel reservation for a couple of days on arrival at the airport. This is not necessary if you bring your reservation confirmation with you.

Cubatrip is not a travel agency, please do not send us questions on flights, visas or hotel reservations.

If you want to make reservations for several cities, please make one reservation for each city.

Make Reservation / Haga su Reservación / Reservieren

First name and surname:
Nombre y apellidos / Vor- und Nachnamen)




País / Land)


Flight no and arrival date:
Vuelo y fecha de arribo / Flugnummer, Ankunftsdatum)


Location of accommodation:
Localidad del alojamiento / Gegend der Unterkunft)


Category of accommodation:
Categoría de alojamiento / Kategorie der Unterkunft)


Number of bedrooms:
Numero de habitaciones / Anzahl Schlafzimmer)


Start day of reservation:
Fecha de inicio de la reservación /
Startdatum der Reservation)


Number of nights:
Numero de noches / Anzahl Nächte)


Special needs:
Necesidades especiales / Besondere Bedürfnisse)




















If you are using a browser behind a fire wall you might not be able to use the above form. In that case please mail the same information to




Cubatrip is a free service to the tourist. We provide our services out of Switzerland because private Internet services out of Cuba are not permitted. Cubatrip was introduced, to allow Cubans to make advertisement for their licensed rooms and apartments with the aim to get the room occupancy rates up.

Because of the free nature of the reservation services, Cubatrip can take no commercial responsibility whatsoever for any reservations made through our services.

Cubatrip only makes reservations for licensed rooms and apartments. These accommodations are under the protection of the Cuban law 171 of August 1997, which allows Cubans to rent out rooms or entire apartments to tourists.

All reservations should be made with the reservation form on this site or by e-mail sent to requests will be answered immediately after receipt in writing with a reference number included. For organizational reasons we cannot accept reservations for a distinct accommodation, rather we allow you to select a location and a category of accommodation. If availability allows, we will answer your reservation request with a reservation confirmation, which contains the address of your host. Please print the reservation confirmation and have it at hand during your entry into Cuba.

Cancellations will be accepted with no financial consequences to you as long as it reaches us one week in advance of your planned stay. Since reservations and cancellations are free of charge we require to be informed about any cancellation as soon as you know of it. In the case of reservations with no shows, which have not been canceled, or in the case of deliberately wrongly placed reservations, we reserve the right to charge the equivalent of two nights of the cost of the reserved accommodation.

The terms and conditions of your stay are not in the responsibility of Cubatrip. You pay your host directly for the amount of nights you have stayed there in cash. Cubatrip does bind all hosts not to charge more than the published price. Please let us know of any hosts, who do not abide to the published price categories, they will not be considered for new reservations.


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