Cubatrip represents several teachers who offer private lessons in:

  • Spanish (from entry level to advanced stages)
  • Cuban Salsa (Casino)

The lessons cost  between 5 and 10 USD per hour. Probably no where in the world, can you find such highly skilled professional teachers for these low prices: Highly recommended

Booking Procedure

If you are interested in taking lessons in Spanish or Cuban Salsa. Please write to us at

Tell us, what your interests are and when you would like to have your lessons, and we will identify the right teachers which have free capacity at the required time. We will reply to you mail within one week, informing you whether we can satisfy your needs.




Cubatrip is a free service to the tourist. We provide our services out of Switzerland because private Internet services in Cuba are not permitted. Cubatrip was introduced, to allow Cubans to make advertisement for their licensed rooms and apartments with the aim to get the room occupancy rates up. Now Cubatrip allows Cuban teachers to offer their services on the Internet. 


Because of the free nature of the reservation services, Cubatrip can take no commercial responsibility whatsoever for any reservations made through our services.


All reservations should be made by e-mail sent to The requests will be answered within one week after receipt in writing.


Cancellations will be accepted with no financial consequences to you as long as it reaches us one week in advance of your planned stay. Since reservations and cancellations are free of charge we require to be informed about any cancellation as soon as you know of it. In the case of reservations with no shows, which have not been canceled, or in the case of deliberately wrongly placed reservations, we reserve the right to charge the equivalent of 10 hours of lessons.


The terms and conditions of your stay are not in the responsibility of Cubatrip. You pay your teachers directly for the amount of lessons you have visited. Cubatrip does bind all teachers hosts not to charge more than the agreed price.

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